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Praxis has 16 Oklahoma Employees in sales, accounting and TPA Services, and services several hundred agents and employers around the country. Praxis is a partner agency within a consortium of over 40 agencies around the United States manging over 100 million in insurance premiums annually. Our Employer advisiors are experts in helping identify solutions to the business issues you face in handling essential but non-revenue generating activites.

Meet our Advisors below to get an intro our team and office. 

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Jay Peak

Meet Jay, he specializes in working with Small Business owners and the Self Employed. Jay is an expert in making sure your business and family financial goals are aligned.  

A best-selling author, successful businessman and fourth generation Oklahoman, Jay was raised in OKC and comes from a family that predates statehood. His deep-rooted heritage is filled with role models in business, agriculture, politics, military service and public service. His positive approach to life is based on integrity and conservative values.  

Jay's just one of many awesome Employer Advisors designing, innovating, and creating here at Praxis Benefits. Schedule a consultation to get paired with an Employer Advisor for your team.

Tammy Sneed

Meet Tammy. She was born and raised in Del City, Oklahoma. In 2008, Tammy relocated to Yukon, Oklahoma with her two children. After graduating college Tammy worked in finance and later opened a busines in Oklahoma City. After running a business for five years, Tammy met her husband Brock and they married in 2014. Because Tammy has worked in accounting all her life she enjoy's helping businesses realize the savings potential that is often missed when they are only presented with Spreadsheets to make choices. Tammy understands the decisions and strategies behind the numbers an works to make benefits a totally cohesive part of your business objectives.  


If you are in need of benefits at home you've come to the right place. We can help you with Health Insurance, Life insurance, College funding, Retirement planning and much more. Schedule your free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. We can handle the entire consultation over the phone and web for your convienence.

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Meet Toby

This is Toby Pedford. He's our Practice leader and in charge of Employer Strategies. Toby moved to OKC to attend Oklahoma Christian University and a short time after began his carrer at Mutual of Omaha. There he was first exposed to the world of planning and employee benefits. After spending some time in the large corporate giant, Toby realized that he would need independence to truly serve his clients. He knew that he would have to change how he worked if he wanted to spread his wings. In 2006 Toby was joined by Lori Pedford and opened an independent brokerage with his innovative ideas that pair cutting-edge technology with high-quality benefits and cost containment programs. 

Toby is a partner in the firm, but just one of many awesome Employer Advisors designing, innovating, and creating here at Praxis Benefits. Schedule a consultation to get paired with a Employer Advisor for your team.

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Meet Lori

This is Lori Pedford. She's our Practice operational guru. You'll work with Lori and her team to implement strategies, payroll deductions, deploy communication strategies, software integrations and more. 

Lori attended Eastfield College in Dallas and received a degree in Science. Lori and Toby moved to OKC to attend Oklahoma Christian University as Lori continued her Education pursuing an additional degree in psychology. Lori has worked in Insurance for 14 years and has always been the "behind the scenes" magic that makes everything work.

Lori enjoys community involvement and supports the Oklahoma Women's Coalition and She Leads organizations. Lori is passionate about helping women in business find success in achieving their ambitions.

Lori is a partner in the firm, but just one of many awesome Employer Advisors designing, innovating, and creating here at Praxis Benefits. Schedule a consultation to get paired with an Employer Advisor for your team.  

Our Process

Praxis works a little different than most insurance Brokerages. We don't just shop for plans for you to pick from and hope for the best.

We begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your business is today, potential solutions to your challenges and whether we are a fit to work together. At Praxis we want to work with employers and plan managers that are serious about changing the status quo to obtain better healthcare outcomes and lower insurance costs. 

From there, we'll brainstorm 3-5 potential solutions to help move you in the direction of your goals or help you overcome existing challenges. We will also explain our skills and expertise and if we are a fit you can choose to have us complete a no risk, in-depth evaluation to determine how to best meet your business objectives.

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Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your benefits, HR, and Payroll needs. Lets set up a quick consultation with our expert analyst, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

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At Praxis Beneifts we believe: It's all about the steps you take 


Helping employers build a more sustainable employee benefits strategy while streamlining their HR processes.

This is Benefits Done Differently

Strategy First Design

Health insurance, medical professionals, accounting, provider relations, ERISA and actuarial experts. Our diverse team covers all spectrums of the full-service administration industry.


The old ideas of healthcare are consistently producing one thing: Uncertainty. We put you in the driver's seat with a plan that will hold up over time.


Best in Class technology allows you to access cutting edge technology for benefits, wellness, healthcare and HR.

Let's make Healthcare Sensible Again - Together

  • There are no "easy answers" or "quick fixes" when it comes to providing healthcare to your employees. We work together with you to create a pathway to sustained success in benefits, HR and Payroll solutions. With common sense solutions and buying modifications that simply make healthcare work, you can achieve a plan that fits exactly what you need, you just have to have the right Praxis.

Decrease family premiums & give yourself a raise

Figuring out family benefits can be daunting. Trying to match network coverages, RX formularies, HSA or NAH? We can help!


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